The Summer Skin Reset


Now that summer is gone, we are going to need to up our skincare game to replenish sun parched skin and to begin the preventative steps to deal the harsh effects of colder weather ahead.  But here at Nu Face London we also have to repair what ‘damage’ you did this summer!



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Be #SUNSMART with our Sun Safety Advice


We are constantly being told to use a good sun protection factor, everyday even if the sun is not shinning as is often the case here in London.  Do you know why a good SPF is important and how strong it needs to be to be effective?  Be #SunSmart



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Are You My Type?


Do you know your skin type?

Facials are nothing new these days with most of us incorporating them into our skincare regime. However, with so many medispas offering these treatment it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you.

We all realise by now that as well as daily maintenance our skin requires something extra and that can come in the form of a facial. Many factors including stress, diet and of course the elements all take their toll on our skin...



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Beauty Behind the Beast


We all know that Beauty and the Beast is just a movie right?  But here at NU FACE London we uncover our fair share of handsome individuals hiding behind a rough and unkempt exterior.

Long gone are the days when men think grooming starts and ends with a simple...


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'Tis the Season to Look Your Best


The Wise Men of 2016 are getting even Wiser!

The NU FACE Wise men of 2016 don’t need frankincense and myrrh! They just need a great clinic and the best at home skincare.  We tell you how to look fresh for ready for your parties and for 2017.



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Antioxidants, The Secret To Fighting Wrinkles


It matters not whether you eat antioxidants or put them on your skin they are vital to your health. When applied topically or eaten, antioxidants do the job of reducing environmental damage whether it is from the sun, pollution, or just the very air...


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Buff Up Your Skin


Now that summer has come to an end that is no excuse to stop using a good SPF every day but it is now officially autumn and time to regenerate your skin and undo all the damage you may have done this summer. Or it may be the time that you have want to remove pigmentation that you have lived with for years or decided to...


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Tear Trough Treatments


Tear troughs are dark areas that lie between the lower eyelids and the upper cheeks. These areas sometimes become deepened and shadowed as a natural part of the ageing process, making one look old, tired and less youthful in appearance. The dark hollows are formed because of a loss of soft tissue...


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Dermal Fillers Treatments


We all love to look our best. Unfortunately as we age our skin naturally loses the collagen which helps it maintain its shape and fullness. Environmental and lifestyle factors such as sun exposure, air pollution, smoking and stress also have an effect on our skin. Natural lines and wrinkles eventually appear and as a result we start to look older than we feel. Fortunately there is a simple solution – dermal fillers...



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Dermal Fillers and Temples


The temple is the facial region between start of the brow bone next to your eye and the top of the cheekbone. Sometimes volume loss in your temple region creates a rather unflattering shadow effect that contributes to a dreary appearance of the eyes and the face.



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Basic Skincare for Men


Some men only think ‘SOAP’ when they think about ‘Skincare’ – how much of the basics do you know?

If you have largely ignored your skin up till now, there are some steps you can start making today as part of your daily grooming routine that will improve it.  You don’t have to go all PRO skincare but that does help.



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Spring Into Summer with Mens Grooming Tips


Spring and Summer Skincare Tips for Men

Here is how to make a few small adjustments that will give you big results.

Springtime is here, and you can’t help feeling a little happier and more confident. Before you start taking long walks in the park and enjoying...


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New Year Old You


Boom, first week of 2017 is over and we are all back at work and for most that is a struggle. We are not going to bang on about getting that new you in 2017, here at NU FACE we want to help and motivate you to get back the old you.  The old you before the food, the parties, skipped gym classes and champagne of December – hence New Year Old You.

We all slump a little in the New Year as we are forced back to work and try to get back to the gym...


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Tips For Shaving Years Off Your Face


Hair is the new Black

The male grooming revolution is set to continue to grow in 2017 but have you moved on with the times.  Can you have your clean shaven face on point without getting an awful rash or keep your hair and beard looking sharp?  Then there are the myriad of super...


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Smart Skin for Fitness Fanatic



We get a lot of gym goers here at NU FACE London and we find that they are seeking the same sort of treatments.

We know that exercise is good for you for about a million reasons—it can boost brainpower, make us look and feel good, and alleviate stress, just to name a few. But it has some major negative effects too. Dealing with stink, sweat, and aches and pains can be tough...


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Looking your best is not just for the ladies, guys are getting GUYTASTIC at Nu Face London


At our clinic we know that men like to stay looking healthy, fresh and young just as much as their female counterparts.  We are already filling up our books for November to keep our clients looking rejuvenated and youthful during this festive party season.

Do you guys know what treatments...


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While innovations are quite common in the beauty industry, but none is quite as effective and efficient as Mesotherapy. This complex word simply means the practice of introducing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids and enzymes to the mesoderm layer of the skin. Beauty enthusiasts have even dared to...


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Hello World!


My name is Yiannis Valilas and I would like to welcome you to Nu Face London,  a Facial Aesthetics clinic located in the heart of central London.


Facial aesthetics is more like a personal journey rather than a series of treatments.


My aim would be to become part of your personal journey and my passion, to guide...


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