While innovations are quite common in the beauty industry, but none is quite as effective and efficient as Mesotherapy. This complex word simply means the practice of introducing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nucleic acids and enzymes to the mesoderm layer of the skin. Beauty enthusiasts have even dared to call it a revolution. It is an effective non-surgical method for immediate weight loss, eliminating cellulite and face rejuvenation. With its origin in France, the undisputed cradle of beauty. It can be used for a variety of body concerns, most popularly:


Weight loss

The quest for weight loss is never-ending; and between pills and surgery, it is less invasive, has a reduced dosage and is relatively painless. A session involves the use micro-injections to inject a mixture of vitamins, enzymes, supplements and medicines to the mesoderm layer of the skin. The mixture works to melt localized fat cells and effectively stimulate the body’s ability to burn fat. The mixture of the injection depends on the specific area being targeted and is also effective in combating cellulite. The number of sessions varies with the problem area but a minimum of 10 is a general standard.


Skin Rejuvenation

Battling with stubborn signs of aging on the skin can be an uphill task. Thankfully, sagging skin is nothing a mixture of vitamins, minerals and enzymes cannot cure. The mixture is injected into the skin to replenish natural body substances. The results of this procedure is restoration of the skin’s elasticity and deep hydration. The effects of The treatments on the skin are long-lasting and lead to zero scarring.


Hair rejuvenation

Thinning hair and a receding hairline can be quite challenging to deal with; especially with dozens of pills promising hair rejuvenation and falling short on delivery. More often than not, hair loss is the result of inadequate blood circulation and hormonal imbalances.It combats hair loss by increasing the size of the hair follicles, improving blood circulation and neutralizing excess production of DHT to stimulate hair growth. The ingredients injected depend on the cause of the hair loss and the procedure takes a standard minimum of 10 sessions.


Mesotherapy has been subject to competition from more widely used cosmetic solutions, such as liposuction and tablets. Its increasing popularity can be attributed to its wide range of benefits. Unlike surgery, it is faster, less invasive and does not lead to scarring. The ingredients are made specific to the target areas and the target problem. In comparison to oral treatment, this procedure uses about 80% less dosage. Battling with weight loss, hair loss and sagging skin? Contact Nu Face today, for a consultation tailored for you.




Posted Aug 10th, 2016



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