Advanced Skin Remodelling treatment with Derma Fractional Needling System.

FNS is an advanced micro-needling system, which uses multiple needles that vertically pierce the epidermis, create thousands of minuscule wounds and stimulate a dermal process within the dermis level, which leads to collagen production and skin remodelling.

Unlike other micro-needling systems that use rollers, Derma FNS minimises epidermal damage and therefore reduces pain, erythema and downtime due to its unique “stamping method”.

With a very sophisticated hand-piece it also allows adjustment of the speed and depth of the needles according to the different areas of the face.

Additionally the disposable needle head is round and relatively small for more effective manoeuvre around the chin, nose and upper lip.

This system which combines a wide range of pre and post treatment products for optimisation, aims to improve the skin texture for smoother and more youthful appearance.

It can be used for:

Skin tightening, lifting and rejuvenation

Acne scars and wound healing

Minimising pore size

Improving stretch marks

Summary of treatment:

The treatment takes place under topical anaesthetic cream, following a 2 week period of skin preparation with products specifically designed to increase skins strength and tolerance.

The actual procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes and involves micro needling of different depth and speed of the entire skin of the face (or a specific area) in conjunction with C-serums.

There is a downtime period of 48 hours where common mild side effects of redness will appear. Following the treatment your physician will design a post-procedur treatment with specifically designed products for recovery and rejuvenation.





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