A Skin Peel or Chemical Peel is a minimal invasive procedure that helps improve the appearance of skin. During the procedure your doctor carefully applies combinations of powerful solutions to the face, to remove dead skin cells. The solutions penetrate into the skin, causing dead skin cells to peel off. The new skin is smoother and more refined-looking.

There are many types of chemical peel penetrations, and the right preparation for you depends on your skin type and desired result.

Skin peels can be used to improve the appearance of:

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance®

Reveal a new layer of beautiful skin with Blue Peel Radiance®;

Superficial, salicylic acids-based peel;

Can be used for wide range of skin types;

Achieve instant, glowing results;

Tighter, smoother brighter-looking skin after 1 peel (a series of 4 to 6 peels may provide best overall results);

Quick and easy in-office procedure with little to no downtime


EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid

EnerPeel® Mandelic Acid is an all year round chemical peel, uniquely designed to work within the skin rather than on the skin. This quick, procedure will leave you feeling instantly rejuvenated, with visible improvements to your skin over the next few weeks.

Its suitable for most skin types, and as well as its fantastic Rejuvenation capability it can also work to treat Rosacea, Reddening skin, Un-even skin tones, spider/thread veins.


Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid

Enerpeel® Pyruvic Acid is designed to Controls oily skin, reduces pore size and can be used for anti-ageing, photo ageing, flabby skin and mild actinic keratosis.

This EnerPeel® can also be used on the chest and neck area to improve fine lines and wrinkles.





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