As we grow older, the hollow area below our eyes deepens, developing into a tired, sagging appearance. This hollowed-out area is also known as the tear trough, and its degeneration can be worsened by an unhealthy lifestyle, a lack of exercise, getting repeatedly stressed, substance or alcohol abuse, a poor diet, or unconventional sleeping patterns.

However, this damage can be mitigated, and even reversed, with some simple, effective procedures. Soft dermal fillers can be applied to the hollow problem areas of the eyes, resulting in a subtle, yet highly worthwhile result. A younger, fresher, more supple appearance, that won't look overdone. Get your confidence back with our eye fillers.

Summary of Treatment:

The tear trough is best treated with Teosyal Redensity II, which is the first Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler that's specifically designed just to work on the tear trough!

This tear trough treatment is quick and easy, taking no longer than 30 minutes - so you can even get it done over your lunch break. The main treatment involves injections of small quantities of Redensity II along the line of the hollow below the eye, to fill in the tear trough and renew it. Following the treatment, a minor amount of swelling, bruising, and some slight redness may develop at the site of injection, but this is a common side effect of tear trough treatment, and should subside within a mere 48 hours.

The results of tear trough treatment may be seen immediately, and they can last up to 12 months - but this may vary with each patient.

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